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Best in Category, Lensbaby, PDXSquare2014

Best in Category, Lensbaby, PDXSquare2014

Joe Telafici


Just published the latest pics from our visits to Oahu and the Big Island of Hawai'i earlier this month. Enjoy!


I've begun doing some shoots of homes for real estate listings. If you, or someone you know is looking to sell a home in the Portland area and wants high-quality photographs for realty sites and flyers for a reasonable price, email me at joe AT joe-telafici-photography DOT com

Leisure Public House (8002 N Lombard St., Portland, OR 97203) is now showing my photos from Eastern Oregon and Crater Lake until 6/14/2015 - check them out if you are in St. Johns, Portland.

I will be showing some of my photos from PDXSquared and more during the month of August at Fourth Estate Coffeehouse in North Portland, with a reception on 8/16 from 2-4 pm. Prints from that show will be available for purchase beginning 9/1.

I'm thrilled to have participated in PDXSquared 2014, run by the American Society of Media Photographers this year. I'm even more thrilled to say that I won a Best In Category and an Honorable Mention in the Lensbaby category! You can see the photos I submitted and some more under Exhibits->PDXSquared and work from all of the other amazing winners at http://leahnash.com/pdxsquared/2014-winners.html


I grew up in New Jersey, but live in Portland, Oregon. I studied Biology, but worked in computer security for years. In the course of my life, I’ve been fortunate to see many of the world’s great cities and wild places. I started my interest in photography as a way to document my travels for friends and family.

I’ve grown to appreciate both the grandeur of nature’s and man’s creations, but also the quirky boundaries where different ecosystems and human societies brush up against one another. In biology, these borderlands are called ecotones, and are usually the richest environments. In my photography I attempt to capture not only the beauty and majesty of our world, but also the humor, struggle and sometimes just plain silliness of life on this strange planet. In this way, I hope to not only help others appreciate our environment, but also to help me keep my eyes open to the wonderful possibilities available wherever I find myself.

While most of my recent work is done with digital SLR equipment with minimal post-shoot editing, I have also explored other modes of photography, from point-and-shoot to pinhole photography to help bring different perspectives to my subjects and my worldview.


PDXSquared - May 2014

Lexus of Portland - May 2013

Sidecar PDX – October/November 2012

Studios5/St. Johns Cultural Trust – August 2012

Leisure Public House – May 2012

Kenton Wellness Center – April-May 2012

Coffeebox, Portland, OR – January 2012

St Johns Christmas Bazaar, Portland, OR – December 2011

James John Café, Portland, OR, January/February 2011